PsyCheck research and resources


You can now download the following resources:

*NEW* Changes in attitude to, and confidence in, working with comorbidity after training in screening and brief intervention - Jacqui Cameron, Nicole K Lee and Angela Harney 2010 (pdf)

*NEW* Differences in self and independent ratings on an organisational dual diagnosis capacity measure - Nicole Lee and Jacqui Cameron 2009 (pdf)

*NEW* Development of the PsyCheck screening tool: An instrument for detecting common mental health conditions among substance use treatment clients - Nicole K Lee and Linda Jenner 2010 (pdf)

Translating research into practice: PsyCheck Dissemination. Executive Report 2007 (pdf)

The College on Problems on Drug Dependence: Poster Presentation South America 2008 Annual Meeting San Juan, Puerto Rico(pdf)

Research papers

One research paper is currently under review and another in preparation

New resources

This interactive CD-ROM provides you with an orientation to the PsyCheck package. It includes background infromation on its development, an overview of how the screening tool is constructed - and how to use it - as well as how to embed mental health intervention into your practice using the worksheets.

It provides a flexible learning environment in a fun and interactive way, allowing you to explore the PsyCheck package at your own pace or refer to it as a reading guide before any PsyCheck training.


Section 1: Introducing the PsyCheck Screening Tool and Brief Mental Health Interventions

Section 2: Practicing using the PsyCheck Screening Tool and Brief Mental Health Interventions

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