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Workforce approach

Turning Point's comprehensive approach to workforce development reflects the growing understanding that effective workforce development programs comprise multiple strategies. This involves targeting programs to individual workers, organisations and broader systems to drive changes in policy and practice that are relevant and applicable to the environment in which workers operate.

Our experience with the dissemination of PsyCheck to date reinforces the need for a whole of workforce approach that involves management, supervisors and clinical staff.

Train the organisation

Turning Point is also available to deliver national training in relation to the PsyCheck package. This includes training for managers, supervisors and clinicians. Training will be delivered on site at your organisation and will be tailored to meet the needs of your staff. A consultancy fee applies for this service. Please contact Sandra Roeg for further information.


"As a result of discussions with Turning Point, the PsyCheck program was initiated at WHOS Hunter Valley in April 2007. Turning Point presented a training program to all staff at the Hunter Valley service prior to the implementation of the PsyCheck trail. The staff responded positively to the program and the training.

"A follow up evaluation was conducted by Turning Point in October 2007. The outcomes reflected in this evaluation were positive.

"The worksheets have become an integrated part of the WHOS Hunter Valley Program with staff using them for treatment care plan tasks, i.e. a client may be asked to complete the worksheet on identifying unhelpful thoughts. This may be continued throughout a clients stay in the program.

"In closing, the PsyCheck program trial has had a beneficial effect on the confidence of the staff team in managing clients who are experiencing anxiety and depression. The staff team has stated that to discontinue the PsyCheck program would leave a gap in the Hunter Valley therapeutic program. WHOS management is currently discussing the viability and logistics of rolling out the PsyCheck Program across all WHOS residential services."

John Roach
Therapeutic Services Manager
We Help Ourselves (WHOS)

Ph: 02 85727404

*If your organisation is considering implementing PsyCheck, John is happy to answer your questions.


"Missiondale is a therapeutic centre for people recovering from addictions. We have been operating for ten years under the auspice of Launceston City Mission, a Christian organisation that gives a “hand up” to the communities of Northern and North West Tasmania.

"Missiondale is a CBT based program, and has been able to introduce, as part of our comorbidity project “PsyCheck” a diagnostic assessment tool for clients of the service.

"We have found the three training sessions to date extremely valuable, in that the staff who will be using PsyCheck have become well acquainted with the processes and procedures, and the other staff have a greater appreciation of its usefulness in providing a better service to our clients.

"The training sessions where easily followed and great information was presented in a manner that was enjoyable, informative, and at times (many in our case) humorous. All thanks to the facilitator, who bought a unique presentation style which enabled those attending the opportunity to really explore and embrace PsyCheck. The manual and CD contain all that is required for its implementation. It is a well presented resource.

"What is most appealing is PsyCheck gives a measurable indicator of a client’s development thoughout the program in relation to their comorbidy. Easily dove-tailing into our existing client evaluations, both pre and post-program, and at strategic intervals during the program.

"Rolling this out in August, the feedback from our clients has enforced our initial beliefs of the tool. Client reaction to the SRQ’s has been valuable, and data will greatly assist in providing appropriate services to meet client needs. Feedback from our staff indicates the effectiveness of this tool, its ease of use and the ease of explaining the process to clients engaged in the process.

"I thank Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre for their commitment to our organisation in establishing PsyCheck here at Missiondale."

Missiondale - Evandale, Tasmania



Thank you for your interest in PsyCheck. If you would like further information about this article or an information in regard to PsyCheck please contact Kieran Connolly on 03 8413 8702 or

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