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Nicole Lee

Dr Lee has been engaged in research in the alcohol and drug field since 1990, leading a variety of alcohol and drug-related research and dissemination projects and has a specific interest in people with disorders comorbid with drug/alcohol problems. In her current role of Head of Research, she provides leadership and strategic direction for research at Turning Point.

Nicole, as one of the project leaders of PsyCheck, has initiated a program which focuses on the development and trialing of a mental health intervention and screening toolkit to build capacity of alcohol and drug workers to apply interventions for anxiety and depression among their clients. This project is now disseminated nationally. She has extensive experience in research and translation of research to practice. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA), the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other drugs (APSAD) and on the editorial Board of the Drug and Alcohol Review.

Nicole has written and contributed to over 40 publications, including several clinical treatment guidelines and has made over 70 conference and forum presentations of her work to clinicians and researchers.

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Jacqui Cameron

jacquiJacqui Cameron has been working in alcohol and drug research since 2000. She completed an MPhil in Social Science Research Methods at the University of Glasgow in 2004 and was appointed an honorary fellow with the Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne in 2007. Jacqui also has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work.

Jacqui is a registered trainer with QSR and trains researchers on how to use N8 on a regular basis. She is currently employed in the Clinical Research Program at Turning Point as a Research Fellow, is a mixed methods researcher with extensive experience and recent projects include the PsyCheck Dissemination project, the SUMMIT project & WEAVE projects with the University of Melbourne which both included qualitative interviews and analysis.

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Sandra Roeg

Sandra has been involved with the PsyCheck project throughout the dissemination phase since 2006. She has now trained 13 alcohol and drug services nationally as part of this phase and continues to provide training to organisations as part of the capacity building grants provided by the Department of Health and Ageing. As a trainer, Sandra views this as an exciting time in the AOD sector, particularly as her work involves supporting organisations to enhance their capacity to respond to people experiencing co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse.

Sandra has 12 years experience in AOD education and training and over 20 years of clinical experience in the AOD sector supported by a background in psychiatric nursing and psychotherapy. Sandra has been instrumental in the development and delivery of training to the AOD sector in Victoria as part of the minimum qualification strategy and also to higher education postgraduate courses.

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Kieran Connolly

Kieran is an experienced educator with more than 20 years in adult education who is committed to the ongoing development of clinical skills within the AOD sector and allied fields. Kieran has contributed to skills enhancement in these fields since 1990 and maintains an interest in broader workforce development issues that impact on the capacity of workers to provide improved interventions.

Kieran has presented at a number of national and international conferences on these issues. Recent experience has focussed on national dissemination projects including PsyCheck. He is a Board member of VAADA and the Victorian representative on the Workforce Development Reference Group of ADCA.

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